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[Tonight's side dish just by warming with hot water]

You can easily bring the troublesome beef tendon to your home dining table. Domestic beef tendon is carefully simmered softly using local Moriyama soy sauce. It doesn't take any time to cook. Simply boil the whole package in hot water and place it on a plate to make it a side dish or snack. You can enjoy it deliciously by lightly simmering it with tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables as you like, using the umami-rich sauce of the beef tendon. It will be shipped by courier.


[Message from the manager]

Hello. This is Ainoshima, the store manager.
Our products are handcrafted by craftsmen and made one by one.
Please enjoy our Wagyu beef tendon stew.
Please also have pig feet together.

[Set of 4] Stewed Wagyu beef tendon (200g/per piece)

SKU: 20
  • name Stewed beef tendon
    Raw material name Domestic beef, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, (some ingredients include soybeans and wheat)
    Internal capacity 200g
    expiry date Described on the package
    Preservation method Refrigerate below 10℃
    Manufacturer Kushiya Sen
    2144-4 Shimosho, Setaka Town, Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture
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