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~I want to impress many people through food~​

​ Learned seasoning techniques and food processing know-how for 25 years at a long-established kamaboko shop founded 120 years agoWe opened an izakaya in October 2009.

Making sweets started when I received a request from the president of my previous job and made them to repay a person's favor.

​ While promoting the richness of Fukuoka Prefecture's ingredients based on food development using locally produced ingredients,As a model case that convinced restaurant management in rural areas struggling with population decline​We would like to contribute to the development of the industry.

​ Toshihiro Aishima
・Representative of Kushiya Sen
・Fukuoka Food Sanitation Association
South Chikugo Food Sanitation Association Secretary General
・Fukuoka Federation of Beverage and Sanitation Associations
Miyama Beverage Association President
​・Food hygiene instructor
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