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~ We want to impress
many people through food~


Our Story

~There is a taste built in the founding place~

A shop loved by local residents for 13 years.

Kushiya Sen is a company that operates "Pub" and "Food processing".

For the Izakaya section,

The owner goes all the way to Kumamoto to purchase fresh horse sashimi and horse leba sashimi.

​ Among the yakitori prepared in-house, the most popular is the twisted chicken skin, which is grilled twice and then grilled with a fragrant sauce made from local sake. It's a difficult menu that takes a lot of work, but the price is low because I want everyone to eat it. Motsunabe with melting offal is also excellent! ! Of course, the motsunabe  is in Japan and is the highest quality product that melts in your mouth.

​For the food processing sector,

​​plain, salt , mentaiko, and garlic.

Stewed domestic wagyu beef tendons and grilled pork legs from Kagoshima Prefecture are also popular as hometown tax gifts.

Kushiya Sen  "​ Okara Karinto"

~ They are used soybeans "Fukuyutaka" from Fukuoka Prefecture ~

​ "Fukuoka Hamburg"

This dish is cooking

Ground beef (Wagyu)and pork ,

many onions.


Satisfies you

with original source and size! !




​ "Fukuoka Hamburg"

​★ RKBラジオ

​★ KBC番組とラジオ


​★ シティ情報ふくおか

​★ 商工会ニュース福岡

​★ KBC Fuzz


00:00 / 15:47

​ "Fukuoka Hamburg"

​★ 町田マルイ

​★ 伊勢丹 立川店

​★ 伊勢丹 静岡伊勢丹

​★ 東武百貨店 池袋本店

​★ 松坂屋 名古屋店

​★ 岩田屋三越 岩田屋本店

​★ 大丸 福岡天神店


​★ INCUBE 天神店

​★ INCUBE イオンモール香椎浜


【Phone Number】




2144-4 Shimonosho, Setaka Town, Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture

【Business Hours】

<Business Hours>

17:00~24:00 (last order 23:00)

<Regular Holiday>


​Contact us

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​Store information



Miyamai Suito~

​ Kushiya Sen
We assisut Miyama City.

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